An Apology

From me, not you

Posted by Karl Bickerstaff on Mon, Sep 9, 2019
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When, at great personal risk, I started this website, my intentions were to write a short story, news article, or obfuscated musing at least twice a week. Over the last few weeks, due to the increasing frequency with which certain enemies are closing in on me, I have been extremely busy defending myself and stopping Tobias Hrothgar from getting himself killed. Sames, Alfred, and Torfis all have at least a tidbit of common sense, but Tobias is just…

But I digress. As I said, I was intending to write at least twice a week, and that has not happened lately. Therefore, I will attempt to write at least once a week and more often if I can. The monthly newsletter will continue to be monthly, as that isn’t too hard to maintain.

So do not expect much from me at the moment.

Yours respectfully,

Karl Bickerstaff

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