Karl Bickerstaff

Karl Bickerstaff is a writer, unofficial detective, fugitive genius, and author of the soon-to-be-released A Chronological Conundrum. He is highly altitudinous, the weather is fine, and he does not play basketball.

Karl was born on his birthday, many years ago. As a child, he grew up, and as an adult, he eventually stopped growing. He lived in a house that was somewhere, until he decided to unofficially go into the detectivizing business. He currently resides wherever his enemies are not and spends most of his time stopping his friends from getting themselves killed or trapped in alternate realities.

Note: In the course of navigating this website, you may encounter abnormally sized octopodes, telepathic hermit crabs, screaming wizard cows, and pickle monsters from the seventeenth dimension. Please do not panic. Simply back away slowly, maintaining eye contact. Thank you.